Cyber-Security Projects

A list of programs and scripts I created that come under Cyber-Security.

Wifi Credentials

A python script that uses cmd commands to fetch and write all the stored wifi SSIDs and passwords.Best use case is to have it on a removavble drive, run the executable and wait about 5 to 10 seconds for a new file to appear in the same directory as the executable, and then to plug the drive out.

Chrome Profile

An attempt at an automated system that migrates browser profiles to be used at another computer. If successfully done, all the browser data including logged in sessions and stored passwords can be acquired. The program copies the profile data and also generates an exported file of the required windows registry.

Backdoor Script
In Python

This is a backdoor coded in python, which gives remote access to a computer.

Hacker Awareness

A harmless prank to scare people whose only exposure to cyber security and hacking is hollywood.


This program is made for educational purposes, using this on another person's system without consent can result in criminal charges.

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The projects above were the ones i managed to finish, see more ideas like a workout app, or an infographics web system based on flutter by clicking on the button below.