Script Packages

A list of script bundles I created to automate situation specific tasks.

FPS Ignite
Auction Scripts

An extremely useful package of scripts that can do all the database related tasks that are required while testing and running the FPS Ignite Auction. It has covers all uses like adding test users, making backup accounts, initialization and more.

FPS Ignite
Stocks Scripts

A package of scripts that handles all the required tasks for FPS Ignite Stocks. Some examples include database populating operations, admin controls, stock value changes, automated mass email communication and more.

FPS Ignite
App Scripts

A package of scripts that handle database communication and notification management for FPS Ignite App. It includes initializing bookings, adding test users or original users, sending notifications, adding transactions and more.

FPS Ignite
AIO Email Sender

A package of programs for FPS Ignite that simplify data parsing from '.csv' files and provides easy access to sending mass emails with simple lines of situation specific code. It has saved templates for usual needs in the event.

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The projects above were the ones i managed to finish, see more ideas like a workout app, or an infographics web system based on flutter by clicking on the button below.